Want To Enhance Your Knowledge About Lahore? Read Following Paragraphs

Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan after Karachi. It has its beauty. It is still in its developing mode but has very much developed as compared to a past period. Lahore has the world’s fifth-largest mosque, which Shah Jahan made. Lahore has many different places to visit and Things to do in Lahore. It has different markets and shopping malls. Lahore is very famous for qawwali, also has a most called Wazir Khan mosque.

What makes Lahore so popular?
People who live outside Pakistan do not know much about Pakistan, but Lahore is very famous. There are so many things which people can do in Lahore, and this makes it very famous. So if you are looking for things to do in Lahore, then read the information down below

1. Famous food
Ghost Karachi is a famous dish in Lahore. If you are visiting Lahore, then eating ghost Karachi should be present in your checklist. Ghost Karachi is a dish made of chicken or mutton cooked with spicy tomato gravy in a concave vessel. This dish is very famous in Lahore.

2. The Lahore fort
The monuments of Lahore are one of the significant features of why Lahore is so famous in the world. The Lahore Fort is also known as Shahi Qila or royal fort. If you are looking towards visiting Lahore, then make sure you are visiting the Lahore fort too.

3. The food street
There is a famous Street in Lahore which is very popular for food eateries. This famous food street was once a red light area where nobody would ever want to go with their families. But now it has been renovated, and It is stunning. That is why visitors have it on their list of things to do in Lahore when they visit Lahore, and the food is so tasty. Many food stores provide you with traditional Lahore food delicious biryani.