Searching for the bathroom door’s best material

We must acknowledge that these conditions are imposing very specific demands on the room environment. The furniture and door in the bathroom should be able to handle demanding conditions, such as high humidity and extreme temperature changes.

We will give you advice on how to choose the right toilet and bathroom door, as well as how to guarantee their long service life and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Pay close attention to the caulking’s quality. Critical parts are the door leaf and margins.

Some door models’ fabrication processes call for coating the door leaf and edge surfaces with distinct cuts of finishing material. Due to moisture intrusion, improperly sealed seams that are not visible to the human eye may harm coatings.

The majority of manufacturers who make solid doors and other wooden doors typically do not attach moisture-resistant tape to the upper and lower door leaf edges.
However, moisture attack is more common in these areas.

Therefore, if you find that your recently purchased door is missing this crucial component, act quickly to preserve the lower and top edges with water-blocking varnish.


Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) is a stratified plastic that offers a high-tech, multi-layered compressed coating impregnated with unique compounds with heavy-duty plastic qualities. It is constructed from different ligneous fibers blended with a binding agent.

What has made CPL famous?

The answer is extraordinary wearability and astounding resilience to extreme temperatures and UV rays.

While the CPL coating will still be virgin, a sharp nail streak will leave a deep trench on the PVC surface.

Maximum wood texture duplication is possible with laminate. The difference between CPL-coated doors and doors with raw wood veneer is hardly noticeable.

Despite being heated, CPL does not emit any harmful substances.

Contaminants including oil, fat, cosmetics, and kid’s wall art won’t harm laminate. All of this is easily removed using common household cleaners without endangering the coating. Due to its resistance to moisture impact, laminate can be used in damp environments.