Get The Best Notebooks For Your Fountain Pen

If you are the one into the traditional way of writing rather than using your smart phones and iPad, you might need notebooks. So below are some of the best notebooks which will be best to use with your fountain pen.

Top Wire Bounds Notebooks
So if you are comfortable in buying spiral-bound notebooks, you should go for it as it is an upgraded version of old spiral notebooks. It opens from the top and is comfortable to hold while writing in a standing position. This notebook comes in various colour schemes and layout compositions. You can buy whichever you like according to your need. You can also decide the size of the fountain pen notebook which will be best for your work.

Leather Covered Notebooks
This notebook not only do the work but also have very stylish looks. It is a leather-bound notebook that will look classic while you walk with it in your hand. The notebooks also have the best pages quality, such as 120 GSM pages. These types of pages are very suitable to use with a fountain pen. Furthermore, this notebook comes in various pages from A5, A6, A7 etc. Therefore, it makes it comfortable for the people to choose among them according to their type of work.

Minimalist Fountain Pen Notebooks
Most of the people liked this minimalistic designed notebook to use. Its cover is made of leather to pop up the minimalistic design of this notebook. This notebook comes in all variants from blank pages, grid and ruled layout pages. You can also choose from the different colours it has to offer. The standard size of this notebook is A5, and ivory-coloured paper is used to make this type of notebook.

These all above notebooks will be good for you if you work with fountain pens. However, the fountain notebooks are slightly different from the regular pens notebook. So choose your notebook wisely.